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From: Giovanna
Date: Thursday, August 6

Dear Future Fluent Italian Speaker,

I personally think there are some huge problems out there for people like you trying to learn to speak my beautiful Italian language.  For starters, many of the popular selling Italian language programs have you falsely believe that you can learn to speak Italian without having a solid grammatical foundation.  Let me tell you, that's just not possible!  To become fluent in Italian you have to think in Italian.  And, you can not begin to think in Italian unless you have a good Italian grammar foundation.  It's really that simple and straight forward!

The second problem that I see is that many of these Italian courses place a lot of emphasis on memorization of words and phrases.  They use some very rigid methods to drill into your head the meanings and definitions of what they consider to be practical and useful Italian words and phrases. Very little emphasis is given to using real scenarios and natural conversations in their lessons.  So, often times your quest to learn to speak Italian becomes more difficult than it should be.  By this point, many people convince themselves that they just can't learn to speak Italian.  Oh, how wrong they are, how wrong they are...

I have also noticed that many of these Italian courses don't place enough emphasis on proper pronunciationI actually consider this almost a sin!  You see, I truly believe that God gave the Italian language the most beautiful sound of all languages.  So why don't these other Italian courses focus more on teaching you how to properly pronounce the beautiful sounds, pitches, and tones of the Italian language?

"Our method teaches you Italian the same way you learned to speak your native tongue..."

That's a very popular phrase that I have heard on the radio, TV and even read in print and online (maybe you've heard it too).  And, honestly, on the surface it sounds really good.  I mean think of it, you really didn't have to study or attend a single class to learn to speak in your native tongue.  It was all really natural.  So, if you find a course that can teach you to speak Italian the same way that your parents and/or caregivers taught you to speak then of course you have to get it.  I mean, it only makes sense.  But, let's peel back the "Our method teaches you Italian the same way you learned to speak your native tongue" phrase and see what it really smells like...

We'll start off by asking the obvious, "can an adult learn to speak Italian the same way a baby learns to speak his or her native tongue?The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

We won't even get into the brain development phenomenon that takes place during the early years of life, which of course is like no other period in our entire adult life.  Instead, let's talk about the environmental setting in which a child learns to speak.

"I have just completed lezione 8 and am excited  dirti how grateful I am che hai fatto "il più migliore program for learning that I have experienced." 

{translation:  "I have just completed lesson 8 and am excited  to tell you how grateful I am that you have made  'the best program for learning that I have experienced.'"}

I have the complete Rosetta Stone (finished 2 levels and half way through the third. I have completed the full Pimsleur program (three levels), and the beginners Berliz program.  But your method è il più migliore perchè è the most natural (conversational).

{translation: "I have the complete..... But your method is the best because it is the most natural (conversational"}

"Mi piace molto il modo in which you introduce phrases like 'dimmi,' 'digli,' 'chiedergli,' 'ascolta e ripeti,' e al."   

{translation: "I really like the way in which introduce phrases like 'tell me,' 'tell him/her,' 'ask him/her,' 'listen and repeat.'

Per la prima volta, I feel as if I have a personal tutor right davanti a me.

{translation: "For the first time I feel that I have a personal tutor right in front of me"   

Rosetta Stone claims that their program is "like having a personal tutor" però your method is much better.  I look forward to learning from you and feel that I have finally found a program that does what it promises.   

With this program, I feel confident that I will learn "to speak" the language, not just learn the language  

Di nuovo, millegrazie!

Ken Colatruglio
Lehigh Acres, Florida

Have you ever stopped to think about how fully immerse children are in their native tongue during the years in which they are learning to speak?  You have the mother, father, grandparents, uncles, aunts, in-laws, and friends constantly interacting with the child in his or her native tongue.  Many of these interactions are specific to getting the child to say a word, phrase, or sentence.  This structure creates a true and full 100% language learning immersed environment for the child.  So, combined with the wonderful brain development taking place, the child learns to speak.

Now, ask yourself, what course can duplicate the same brain developmental stage and environment setting where you will be 100% of the time fully immersed in learning to speak Italian? Of course the answer is none!

So, now you see why you can not learn to speak Italian the same way you learned to speak your native language?  You need a course that recognizes and acknowledges this fact and presents the lessons to you in a format geared to where you are in life, an adult!

Perhaps the last problem that I see out there for people trying to learn to speak Italian is that most courses don't provide you with enough details of the specific topics covered in each of their lessons.

To me, this is equivalent to taking a top level view of what you will learn in each Italian lesson and something that will help you set your expectations before you even buy the course.  It will also obviously help you make a better informed decision as to whether or not a particular course is right for you.  The end result will be saving of your valuable time and money in your journey to learn my beautiful Italian language. 


And speaking of you learning to speak Italian, let me ask you...


Why Do You Want To Learn To Speak Italian?

Better yet, specifically...

Are you looking to learn Italian for your next trip to Italia?
Are you looking to learn Italian to connect with your "long lost" Italian relatives?
Are you looking to learn the Italian language just for the fun of it?
Have you tried learning Italian from books, listening to Italian audio tapes, taking private Italian lessons but you are still struggling to learn my beautiful Italian language?
Do you feel that there has to be a better system or method to learn Italian?
Are you finally ready to truly learn this absolutely beautiful language in less time than you ever thought possible?

Speak Italian Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible...

In creating Learning Italian Like Crazy (LILC), I used a method of reinforcement to help you THINK in Italian.  Without a doubt this method/approach separates Learning Italian Like Crazy from the popular courses I made reference to earlier.  Many students have emailed me to say Wow Giovanna, this is really a fun way to learn Italian. Others have said that my method of teaching Italian is more effective than any other method that they have ever used to learn Italian. 

There are foreign language teaching methods (i.e. courses) out there that mistakenly use listening and repetition of phrases as a futile attempt to fluency into a foreign language.  From my personal experience in learning other languages and in teaching, that's one of the most impractical and ineffective ways to learn or teach a foreign language.  The monotonous memorization and drilling exercises get old quickly and is often the reason why many people give up learning a foreign language.  Phrase memorization and drilling is tedious, boring, and DOES NOT WORK. PERIOD!!!!


No Memorization or Drilling...

Drilling is the automatic repetition of phrases or sentences for memorization purposes.  You will not find any phrase memorization or tedious drills in LILC. The goal of each of my lessons is to get you to THINK in Italian, to make it easy, and fun.   And you know what? Frankly speaking, I don't understand why the popular selling courses in the market don't use this approach to teach you my beautiful language....


Just Put The Puzzle Together....

I always try to give my private students as much advice as I possibly can to help them learn to speak Italian.  One that just about every private student hears from me (and that I want you to also take heed to) is to approach learning Italian like you are trying to put a puzzle together...  I will give you the pieces and the techniques of how the pieces connect and then you will put the puzzle together all on your own...


Sound Like A Native Italian...

You know from earlier on in this conversation, how important I consider pronunciation to be in speaking Italian.  My language is  a beautiful language filled with "colorful" sounds, pitches, and tones.  When these come together properly, the Italian language makes the speaker sound as though he or she is singing.  This very nature of the Italian language is why it is used in Opera singing.  The sound is almost heavenly.  In fact, try it yourself right now, say the word "Salve a tutti - Hello everyone." Notice the pitch and tone in that very simple phrase.

Well, not only are the pitches and tones what gives Italian the "beautiful" sounds that you hear but also, they are the essential pieces to being understood by a native Italian speaker.  In fact, you could be using the correct words and phrases that you may have memorized, but if you don't use the correct pitch and intonation to express yourself, chances are that a native Italian will have a difficult time understanding you.


With LILC, I ensure that you'll use the correct pronunciation, pitch, and tone in every word and phrase that you learn...


I believe in this so much, that we purposely used Native college educated linguists from the Northern, Central, and Southern (can you guess who is the Southerner :-)  part of Italy to record Learning Italian Like Crazy.  So you get a complete demographic range of Italian pronunciation, pitch, and tone in Learning Italian Like Crazy...


Ciao Giovanna,

"I first have to tell you that I love the Italian culture. Everything from the language, to the food, the vino, and the people (especially the females).  I have been travelling to Italy off and on for several years, mostly Rome. I  plan to visit your town in the Summer of 2009. 

I am a member of your free learning Italian site and really love the passion you have for teaching Italian.  It is contagious.

Anyway, I bought Learning Italian Like Crazy on the 28th of October and I have to tell you that it has exceeded my expectations.  I can't believe that I am actually speaking Italian.

To practice, I often stop by our town's most popular Italian restaurant and talk to the owner (by the way he is from Naples too).  I'm amazed at his reaction every time I speak to him in Italian....

I can go on and on about how excited I am to finally feel confident that I can speak Italian, but, you've probably heard enough from me.  So, I'll just use the words I learned from you when I first signed up on your free learning Italian site."

Ciao, alla prossima!

Doug Kaus
Parker, Colorado

Make Your Next Trip To Italy More Fun and Exciting....

Whether you are planning a trip to Italy in the near or distant future, you owe it to yourself to fully enjoy Italy to the maximum. You will find that using Learning Italian Like Crazy to learn Italian will make your trip a lot more fun. You will be able to communicate in Italian with confidence.  

Imagine yourself traveling to Roma (Rome), Napoli (Naples), Venezia (Venice), Sicilia (Sicily), or any of the other beautiful cities in Italy and not have to utter the words "Non parlo Italiano (I don't speak Italian)."   Instead you interact and communicate fully with every native Italian person you meet.  Imagine native Italians at the airport, at the hotel, at the restaurant, at the local negozi (businesses), and every other place you visit speaking to you and you clearly understand what they're saying.  Now image speaking to them using the proper pronunciation, pitch, and tone with every word and phrase that comes out of your mouth..  Of course they will understand you and of course you will enjoy Italy more.  This is the way to enjoy beautiful Italia and it's all thanks to your ability to speak Italian!!!

For Your Italian Relatives...

Your next visit to your "long lost" relatives in Italy will be more enjoyable thanks to your ability to speak Italian.  And, if you have children, you may want to pass down the language as a way to keep them connected to their heritage.  Your family in Italy will not only be impressed but they will feel pride and joy when they hear you speak the "mother tongue."  I can hear your zio Peppe (Uncle Peppe) now saying.. ma, che bravo! (wow, how good!)

For The Language Learning Enthusiast...

You are the type that really enjoys mental gymnastics and learning a new language is your way of staying mentally fit.  You recognize that stimulating your brain is just as important as stimulating your muscles with physical exercises.  For you, my method of teaching you how to THINK in Italian offers a host of summersaults, back flips, and every other gymnastic routine that your brain craves for.  Just make sure to warm up so you don't pull a mental muscle.


So, What Exactly Is In Learning Italian Like Crazy?

I know that your time and money is very valuable to you and want you to make the best informed decision on Learning Italian Like Crazy.  So, I have taken the liberty to give you a lesson by lesson break down of the topics you will learn in my course. 
Lesson #1What you will learn after you complete each lesson

There are two very specific things that you will learn  with your very first lesson: first, you will learn how to use Italian verbs that end in the suffix “ARE” in the present tense. Do you know that there are Italian verbs that end in: “ARE”, “ERE” and “IRE?” 

Secondly, you will learn all of the subject pronouns in Italian.

2This learning Italian lesson will begin with a review of what you covered in lesson number 1.  I am a big proponent of consistently reviewing and refreshing all of the material we cover.  So most lessons begin with a review of what you have learned in the prior lesson.  So, you will experience Lesson number 2 as a continuation of what you learned in lesson number one. 

Here, you will be engaged with the narrator in a "question and answer" type of session that will force you to think in Italian.  Sorry, but, there's really no choice here, you will  begin thinking in Italian immediately. Most importantly, I'm going to be looking over your shoulder :-), so, DO NOT CHEAT!!! Close your transcript and become fully engaged in this audio based "question and answer" session.

3Lesson number 3 places you in my beautiful city of Naples, Italy where you will converse (in Italian of course) about walking around the city, visiting museums, working, and even studying the beautiful Italian language.  I like to call this "situational learning" because it places you in a very realistic situation.  I hope to some day run into you in my beautiful Naples...  Maybe we can do coffee :-)

4Lesson number 4  begins with a review of what we covered in lesson number three (as I mentioned before, most of the lessons begin with a review from the prior lesson).  In addition, in this learning Italian lesson we cover possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.

Don't let the grammatical definitions scare you away.  Possessive adjectives in English are words such as "my,"  "your," "his," "her," "our," "their," etc.  Possessive pronouns in English are words such as "mine,"  "yours," "his," "hers," "ours," "theirs," etc. 

As with all Italian lessons, a great  deal of emphasis is placed on perfecting your pronunciation and pitch in this learning Italian lesson.

5Lesson 5 places you in a conversation with your friend in Rome Italy.  You and your friend engage in a friendly Italian conversation about each other's pets.  You also converse in Italian about each other's houses, personal and household items including coats, hats, bed linen, and even the laundry mat. 

These are all very real scenarios that will reinforce your retention of every single Italian word and phrase that you learn with me.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, you also get to go to a party in Rome in this lesson.  Hurray....

6Lesson number 6 utilizes much of the material that you learned in the previous lesson (#5) to help you fine tune the topic of Italian language Possessive Pronouns and Possessive adjectives. 

Again, don't let these grammatical terms scare you away, by the end of this lesson you will be a master at Italian Possessive Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives.

7In lesson number 7, you will find yourself in a very realistic conversation that will reinforce everything that you have learned in both lessons five and six.

If you had any doubts about your recently acquired mastery of Italian Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns, this lesson  will remove this doubt from your mind for ever!!.

Also, since the structure in Italian is different for his/her/its, you will benefit from this very detailed explanation in this lesson.

8Do you remember that in Italian the Possessive changes in gender and number according to the nouns it refers to?  Now, "Their" and "Theirs" represent an exception because in Italian the word "loro" is used for masculine singular/plural and feminine singular/plural, so... it does not change.  However, the article that accompanies "loro" does change depending on the noun(s) "their" or "theirs" refer to....

Oops.. Sorry about that, I just went into an Italian language teaching tantrum here!


Actually, this is one of the narratives that you hear and learn from in lesson number 8.

9Using a conversational approach, you will learn how to conjugate verbs in the present tense that end in "ERE" in lesson number 9.  Do you remember the other two endings for other Italian Verbs?  That's right, "ARE," and "IRE."

10Lesson number 10 takes you again back to Rome, Italy.  This time you are having a conversation about letters (mail time) that you have received from back home.  You will cover quite a bit of new ground here and keep learning about verbs ending in 'ERE.'

11In Lesson number 11, you are having a conversation with someone about your daily exercise routine.  As in lesson number 10 above, you will cover a lot of new ground here as well. You will learn how to say 'some' as in 'some hats...', repeat 'ARE' and 'ERE' verbs and learn that there are some verbs that are the exception to these categories... For example, "andare" (which falls in the 'irregular verbs' category)

12In Lesson number 12 you go back to Naples, Italy with the same friend that you spent time with in Lesson number three.  Continuing with the topic of regular "ERE" present verb tense you started learning in lesson number nine, you and your Neapolitan friend engage in a conversation regarding reading newspapers, driving a car, and several other topics.

Through this conversation, you will learn some new verbs and words that go through phonetic changes.  Obviously you will learn the correct pronunciation and pitch as well.

13Lesson 13 keeps you in my beautiful city of Naples, Italy with your friend.  This time your girlfriend (I don't think I told you your Neapolitan friend was a girl), is asking you about your reading habits.  You will discuss with her (in Italian of course) what, where, and when you do your reading.

14Every culture has the dreaded "car salesman" (no insult to car sales people intended here).  So, why not expose you to an Italian car salesman?  That's what you will experience in this lesson.  Don't worry, it is a friendly conversation with no price haggling. After all you are there to buy your brand new Ferrari.

15Lesson 15 is a major lesson where you will learn how to conjugate regular verbs ending in "IRE" in the present tense.  This lesson sets the tone for the second half of Learning Italian Like Crazy.

16Given the importance of Lesson 15 and the transition you make, lesson 16 will reinforce what you learned in the previous lesson.  You will also you will learn about the different parts of the day (morning, afternoon, night, etc.) and some greetings.
17Lesson 17 takes you on a visit to a friend and her co-worker at the "ufficio" or "office." You are not really sure about what they do at their job. So you get to ask them some questions.


In Lesson 18 you get to have a conversation in Rome, Italy (in a café) with a European tourist who is not Italian (but obviously she speaks Italian.)  She is speaking to you informally so you also feel comfortable speaking to her in an informal way.

19In Lesson 19, you will learn how to start a basic conversation with someone coming from a different country. You will learn some words for nationalities, to ask and say where people are from and where they live.

20In Lesson number 20, I place you back in Naples.  This time you are having a conversation with a native Italian at a bookstore or "libreria."  You inquire about her friend who is with her.  Also, in this lesson you will learn the names of certain jobs or profession in Italian.

21In Lesson 21, you will learn to ask/give directions, and talk about places such as hotels, banks, etc. This will help you navigate through Italy when you visit without getting lost.

22Lesson 22, begins with you finally moving to Naples, Italy.  You are having a conversation with one of your neighbours because you have questions about the “quartiere” or “neighborhood.”

Here you will learn about the topic of Italian reflexive verbs.

23Lesson 23 continues the journey through the Italian reflexive verbs teaching you how to describe what you do when you start waking up in the morning until... later in the day, You will learn to say what you do "after... " or "before..." a certain action.

At this point, you are telling others about yourself and what you do on a daily basis, and to ask, or describe, what others do.

Bravo!!!, you have really come a long way since your first visit...  Auguri (Congrats!!)


By this lesson you would have noticed that in Italian there are several different ways to say "what" as in "what do you do today?"  Italian uses "che", "cosa" or "che cosa". There is no difference.  For instance you can say either “Cosa fai oggi”, “Che cosa fai oggi?” or “Che fai oggi?”. All three mean "what do you do today?"

The journey through the reflexive verbs continues and you will be facing the different use of the same verbs in the reflexive form and non reflexive verbs.

25Lesson 25 will reinforce the use of reflexive verb form versus  non reflexive verb form. You are becoming more and more fluent as you are getting more and more proficient in what to say about yourself and others.

26In lesson 26, you will be able to describe, in Italian, how long you take to get things done, or simply how long it takes you to get somewhere. You will also get to reinforce in your mind the "before" / "after.." structure, so you can tell what you did before and what you did afterwards.


Lesson 27 takes you further south of Italy to Sicily.  As a visitor, you want to make arrangements with a friend on what the two of you will do the following day. Time is an important part of your day. You can miss appointments or, worse, trains. So you get to cover all of these topics here.  In this lesson, you will also learn how to tell and understand time.

28In Lesson 28 you will learn how to talk about past actions. So far, you have lived "in the present", now you will start being able to say what you did yesterday versus what you do today. You will be challenged with 'questions and answers' sessions that will force you to think in Italian in the past and present.

29Lesson 29 continues the journey in the past/present time. You will also learn some more verbs that are the exceptions to the 'ARE,' 'ERE,' 'IRE,' categories. These are very fundamental verbs in Italian and you will be using them daily, such as "andare" (to go), 'fare' (to do/make), etc.

30In lesson 30, you will be talking again to your friend about a mutual friend. You are asking what he did yesterday and learning more about verbs, formal/informal way of addressing people, daily tasks and actions.

Again, My hope here is that you now have enough information about LILC to make an informed decision as to whether or not it is the right course for you!



By the way, included with your digital download copy of Learning Italian Like Crazy are some pretty nice bonus gifts, beginning with..


Giovanna's 14 Instructional Video Lessons


As you can see from the details below, these video lessons cover some key fundamental aspects of the Italian language.
1The Alphabet, Vowels & Consonants  -  As I always tell my students, the secret to learning a language is to listen and imitate as correctly as possible to the best of your ability.   So you will begin this instructional Bonus Video series by covering the correct pronunciation of the alphabet, vowels, and consonants.  These are mayor key building blocks for you to learn Italian and will prove to be invaluable as you progress with the Bonus Videos as well as with the rest of the Learning Italian Like Crazy course. 

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, did you know that in Italian there are 16 Consonants, but only 15 sounds?  Wondering why??? Well, go through this first video lesson and you will not only know why but will also master the pronunciation of each sound...


Consonants and Vowels Basic Sound Combinations - This Bonus Video lesson starts you off with a quick review of the Vowels and Consonants you learned in the first video.  From here, you will learn how to correctly pronounce the basic combination of Consonants and Vowels. 

You will find this lesson to be indispensable in helping you get on a fast track to really learning to speak Italian!

3Difficult Combination SoundsOkay, now you are really picking up steam...   In Bonus Video number 3, you will master the correct pronunciation and pitch of some of the most difficult Italian language sounds.  Here is a small sample of the sounds that you will master with this Bonus Video lesson:

You may ask yourself, what good is learning how to correctly pronounce the sounds if you don't know any words to use with them??? Well, don't worry about that, I've got that covered.  You see,  I actually took this lesson from one of my very successful personal language training sessions and converted it into a video.  So the approach to teach you how to pronounce these difficult sounds has been "battle tested :-)" 

 And of course, I've included many words that utilize these sounds. You will definitely learn how to pronounce these difficult Italian language sound combinations and pick-up lots of new vocabulary words.

4Greetings - "Salve a tutti," which means hello everyone. 

As with everything that you will learn with my courses, the emphasis  in this video lesson is on proper pronunciation and proper pitch..

5Meet and Greet - Now that you've covered some of the most basic greetings in Italian, it is time to move on to learning "meet and greet" types of expressions.

Come Stai" (which means "how are you") and " Sto' bene" (which means " I am fine"), in addition to several other key and vital "meet and greet" type of phrases.

66Let's Go to Some Italian Places - Up to this point  in the free bonus video lessons, you've learned the proper pronunciation and pitch of the Italian alphabet, Italian vowels and consonants, basic and difficult Italian sound combinations, and some "meet and greet" Italian phrases and expressions.

Now, it's only logical that we start travelling around Italy.  So, in this bonus video lesson, we will explore Italy and go to places such as:

Il ristorante (the Restaurant) - There is absolutely no way that you can get away with learning how to speak Italian without having a taste of the Italian cuisine.  So I've ensured that learning how to properly pronounce "Il ristorante" is one of the first phrases in this video lesson that you will learn.
Il museo (the Museum) - Italy has a rich history dating back centuries, and much of this history can be relived and enjoyed by visiting the many museums that exists throughout the country.
La pompa di benzina (the Gas station) - Not sure if you plan to drive in Italy (my husband refuses to get behind the wheel of a car anytime we're in Italy), but just in case you are the adventurous type and want to enjoy Italy via automobile, you will obviously need to ensure that you keep enough gas in the tank.
La stazione dei treni (the Train Station) - Okay, okay, maybe you're like my husband, and rather take the train to go around Italy.round Italy.
La stazione degli autobus (the Bus station) - or, perhaps you'd rather take the bus.
Posta Posta La posta (the Post office) - maybe you want to send a postcard to your loved ones back home.
L’ospedale (the hospital) - But, where ever you go, please don't end up in the L’ospedale (the hospital)  :-).

this is just a small sample of the dozens of places you will go to with this bonus video lesson...

7Body Parts - Don't worry, this will not be as difficult as your high school or college anatomy class.  With this Bonus video lesson, you will learn the proper pronunciation and pitch for some of the most common body parts such as eye, nose, ears, thighs, wrist, knee, ankle, mustache (wait a minute...  Is mustache, a body part?, oh well.  You'll learn to say mustache in Italian in any way...)

8More Body Parts - Again no nightmares here... but there are many parts to the body to cover.  Actually, did you know there are 27 bones in the hand alone? And that it takes 14 muscles to make a funny face? Honestly, I did not know that either :-)... But I did hear it in one of my kids educational DVD movies.  So I can neither confirm or deny whether there truly are 27 bones in hand and that it takes 14 muscles to make funny face :-). 

Anyway, you get the point here, with this video you will learn the proper Italian pronunciation and pitch for more body parts including hands, fingers, and face.

9Prepositions - Okay Giovanna, time to get serious now... Actually, you may find this lesson a bit boring.  Sorry about that.  Mi Dispiace (excuse me). But you will learn the proper pronunciation for these little but very important words called in Italian "Preposizioni articolate" (Prepositions).  they are the simple prepositions such as "of," "from," "by," etc. plus the article, which in Italian, can be stated in eight different ways depending on the gender (masculine or feminine), the number (singular plural) of the word.  (Joel, "they refer to") They referred to, or even if the word starts with a vowel or consonant.   I warned you that this would be boring and even asked you to excuse me.

Glad that's over...


10Directions - This bonus video lesson reinforces  the name of the places that you travelled to in bonus Video Lesson number 6.  You will learn how to ask directions to get to these places.

11Months and Days of the year - this video lesson is pretty much self-explanatory... you will learn the correct Italian pronunciation of the months and days of the year.

12Numbers - Now it's time to begin counting with the proper pronunciation in Italian.  In this free bonus video lesson you will learn how to count up to 20.

13More Numbers - Okay, now that you know how to count (and more importantly correctly pronounce) up to 20, let's cover all of the numbers up to 100.

14When Words - Your bonus Video lessons end with a complete lesson on what I like to call "When Words.It is also a good wrap up a lesson where I ask you to review all of the material that you've learned so far in this bonus video series.    Here you will perform several exercises  where I will randomly say a word, and you will give me an answer.  I will then give you the answer in Italian.  So that you can verify whether you answered correctly or not.


  The More You Give The More You Get In Return..

Some people have suggested that I package "Giovanna's 14 Instructional Video Lessons" into a course and actually sell it for $49 plus.  But you know what, there's more to life than money.  I am also a firm believer in that when you give you get more in return.




More bonus gifts...


Foreign Service Institute's Programmatic Italian Level 1

The guys at Learning Like Crazy, Inc. have been selling the Foreign Service Institute's Programmatic Italian Level 1 course for several years now.  I reviewed FSI Programmatic Level 1 and believe that there is absolutely something for you to gain by using this Italian course.  However, in the interest of keeping this page at a manageable size, I will not provide you with a break down of each lesson.

But, I will be 100% honest with you!  In my research of the reviews of the FSI language learning method, I have found that there are two camps out there.  There is a camp that absolutely loves the FSI method and have paid as much as $200 for the exact same course that you are getting as a free bonus gift. 

And then, there is the other camp that feels the teaching method is outdated and ineffective. These people think that the course is not even worth $.10.   

There is really no way for me to know which of these two camps you fall into.  In fact,  unless you tried the FSI programmatic Italian level 1 course  you probably don't know where you stand either.    And it's mainly because of this reason, why I ask them to let me included as a Free Bonus for anyone that buys Learning Italian Like Crazy.  I don't know how long they are going to let me offer it, but it is safe to say that if you are reading these words, it is still available Free.

By the way I'm going here on the assumption that you know all about the foreign service Institute.  If you don't, here is a brief quote from the US State Department's web site "The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the Federal Government's primary training institution for officers and support personnel of the U.S. foreign affairs community, preparing American diplomats and other professionals to advance U.S. foreign affairs interests overseas and in Washington.

Basically, this US Government department created a language learning method and courses to teach foreign officers, support personnel, and diplomats how to speak specific languages.  Learning Like Crazy, Inc. acquired the rights to "re-master" and package this course as one of their own and it is how and why I can make it available to you in this offer.


Anyway, I will only give you the 10,000 foot view of what is in the FSI Programmatic Italian One:
Over 17 Hours of recorded Italian To Help You master Italian

The same course that the U.S. Government has used for decades to teach diplomats and other key government personnel that have to quickly learn how to speak Italian fluently.

Native Italian speakers in all of the Lessons to continue to reinforce the pronunciation, pitch, and tone that I teach you with Learning Italian Like Crazy.
The complete course textbook in PDF format so that you can conveniently take the course "textbook" with you wherever you go either on a disk or on your laptop

to give you the best sound quality possible.

Exact same guarantee that comes with Learning Italian Like Crazy.

Just like with LILC, you will get immediate access to the FSI Programmatic Italian One course via download... 

By the way, out of curiosity (and to see the actual dollar value of what I was asking for) I did a quick Google search on FSI Programmatic Italian One and found a ton of sites selling this product.   Prices ranged anywhere from $80 (for the MP3 version) to $2455 for the CD version of this course.  In fact I encourage you to do a quick search to see what I am talking about.


  More Learning Italian Bonus Material For You.....

I was also able to secure a free copy of the FSI Italian FAST Course for you. 

This course comes from the same U.S. Agency. And I have found several sites selling it. The prices range from  $75 (for the MP3)  version and $199 for the CD version.


Last bonus gift...


Foreign Service Institute's Italian FAST Course



Here's an excerpt of what I found on the FSI FAST Italian Course

"The Italian Familiarization and Short-term Training Course (FAST) consists of thirty lessons that have been prepared with accompanying audio recordings. The Italian FAST course is designed as a survival language course with emphasis on developing the necessary language skills to handle the most frequent situations encountered while traveling in Italy. Instead of a structured, grammatically-sequenced set of lessons, the course stresses communication in everyday practical situations. From social encounters to the workplace."


So What Is The Investment Of Time And Money That You Will Have To Make?

At minimal, you will have to invest an average of 30 minutes per day for the next 30 days to complete my course.  Add another 3 hours and will complete my bonus videos.

As far as the FSI Material, plan on spending  a total of 27 hours covering the material to complete both courses.

Now, from a cost perspective...

Learning Italian Like Crazy$199.00


Giovanna's Instructional Video Lessons$49.99
Foreign Service Institute's Programmatic Italian Level 1$200  
Foreign Service Institute's Italian FAST Course$75  
Your Actual Cost$99.95



Giovanna, What About A Guarantee?

I've poured my heart and passion for teaching languages, especially Italian, into developing Learning Italian Like Crazy.  But, I realize that my course may not be for everyone.  It is definitely not for advanced Learning Italian students or those that prefer a "class room" setting. 

And I know that the only  way you can find out if it is the right course for you is if I offer some type of "NO RISK" Guarantee to you. So, here's what I am going to do...

I will give you 60 Days To Try Learning Italian Like Crazy.  This will give you enough time not only to go over every single lesson in my course but even to go to Italy and try out what you have learned with me.  If for whatever reason LILC does not meet your needs, just tell me and I will personally give you a full and courteous refund. Absolutely no questions asked!

I Stake My Personal Reputation That You Will Receive Every Single Penny Back If You Are Not 100% Completely Satisfied!!




P.S. Chi È Giovanna?  Who is Giovanna?

I am a native Italian, from Naples, Italy (Sono di Napoli.  E tu, di dove sei?  And you, where are you from?) and a linguist, who believes that anyone, and I do mean anyone (especially YOU) can learn to speak my beautiful Italian language!! 

I have been a linguist for more than 20 years and have been teaching Italian professionally (on a private and at a University level) for the same period of time.  (Mamma Mia!  I can't believe I just said that... time has gone by so quickly...).

I also speak Spanish and French fluently. And, of course, English.  So I guess you can say that I know something about what it takes to learn a foreign language.

In this period of time I have been blessed to have all kinds of students.  They have ranged from the "casual learner" that just wants to pick up a phrase or two for their trip to Italy, to the person with Italian heritage who wants to connect with the "mother land," to the Italian-language hobbyist, to even the student who is pursuing a career as a linguist.

E, tu, perchè vuoi imparare italiano? (And you, why do you want to learn Italian?)

I am very passionate about spreading my beautiful language and want the entire world to speak Italian.(ahhhh, passione, che bella parola...passion what a beautiful word...)   And I've taken this passion and poured it into Learning Italian Like Crazy!


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P.P.S. -  It Really Doesn't Matter What Your Reason Is For Learning Italian. You will still find that this method is lots of fun, easy, and Effective!!  You Will Learn To Speak Italian By "Thinking" In Italian.

P.P.P.S. - My Guarantee Policy Will Allow You To Go To Italy and Back and Still Get A Refund If You Are Not 100% Completely Satisfied With Your Ability To Communicate With Italians While In Italy.


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